Beliefs, Mission and Vision

Beliefs, Vision, and Mission

The professional school counselors serving Nottingham Elementary School believe:

  • All students can achieve and meet high standards that will result in post-secondary success
  • The counseling program addresses the “head and heart” of students – essential to academic, social/emotional and career success
  • Students’ developmental needs are best met by utilizing needs assessments and implementing an evidence-based, comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with national, state, and local standards
  • Data collection and analysis drive the school counseling program goals for promoting student achievement
  • Counselors act as leaders at the school and district levels to create systemic change that benefits our students
  • Counselors advocate for equitable access to resources and opportunities to meet individual students’ needs by fostering strong school, family, and community partnerships
  • Counselors promote a safe, welcoming, and inclusive school climate that values and respects the diverse cultural identities represented in our school
  • Counselors manage, plan, deliver, and evaluate the school counseling program in collaboration with an active school advisory committee made up of parents, staff, students and community members, all of whom understand our students’ needs
  • Counselors’ participation in professional development activities is essential to maintaining a quality school counseling program
  • Counselors abide by the principles of ethical behaviors as outlined in ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

Vision Statement

Nottingham students are high-achieving learners who strive for academic excellence. Supported by a deliberate and comprehensive school counseling program, all students attain self-directed personal growth in order to become well-rounded individuals who are responsible and act with integrity. All students pursue individually challenging post-secondary opportunities, including the pursuit of higher education, rewarding careers, and healthy work/life balance. All students leave Nottingham well-prepared by the counselors to make positive contributions to our diverse community in the 21st century.

Mission Statement

The Nottingham School Counseling Program is dedicated to helping all students establish their unique academic, career, and social/emotional goals so they can reach their maximum potentials. To meet the needs of the whole child, counselors help all students overcome challenges that interfere with their learning and development. Through advocacy and fostering of a safe and inclusive school climate, counselors ensure that all students have equity and access to a challenging curriculum, needed resources, and support. By collaborating with staff, families, and community members, the school counseling program prepares all students to be successful lifelong learners, effective problem solvers, and responsible global citizens in a changing society.