2016-17 Staff List and Class Links

Want to know what is happening in Nottingham classrooms and special programs? Please click on each hyperlinked staff members’ name name to access updated blogs, Twitter and/or classroom pages.



Ms. Mary Beth Pelosky
Mr. John Koutsouftikis  Assistant Principal


Ms. Katie Biechman Kindergarten
Ms. Raquel Duran Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Carla Griffin Kindergarten
Mrs. Patricia Duran Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Lisa Mathis-Barnett Kindergarten
Ms. Kim Fortin Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Jeana Allen Kindergarten
Ms. Marcia Williams Kindergarten Assistant

First Grade

Mrs. Maryanne Costa Grade 1
Ms. Jessica Gray Grade 1
Mrs. Donna Jensen Grade 1
Ms. Kylie Whitley Grade 1
Mr. Maurice Katoen Acceleration/Intervention Teacher: Grades 1 and 2

Second Grade

Mrs. Brianne Casey Grade 2
Mrs. Maryellen Meden Grade 2
Mrs. Laura Price Grade 2

Third Grade

Ms. Brianna Wine Grade 3
Ms. Karen Ready Grade 3
Mrs. Laura Moore Grade 3
Mrs. Rebecca Johnston Grade 3

Fourth Grade

Ms. Hannah Mendelson Grade 4
Ms. Sarah Jacoby Grade 4
Mrs. Tricia Zipfel Grade 4

Fifth Grade

Ms. Susie Matthews Grade 5
Ms. Lori Donnaruma Grade 5
Mrs. Sarah Wysocki Grade 5

Resource Teachers

Mrs. Ann Divecha (3rd) Resource Teacher
Mrs. Sarah Garratt (3rd) Resource Teacher
Mr. Thomas Gill (4th/5th) Resource Teacher
Ms. Danielle Mascioli (1st) Resource Teacher
Ms. Anne Stewart (1st/2nd/3rd) Resource Teacher
Mr. Paul Mayer (K/1st) Resource Teacher
Ms. Juli O’Dea Resource Assistant


Mrs. Nicole Gustafson Librarian
Mrs. Regina Koehler Library Assistant


Sra. Juanita Gibbons FLES
Sra. Ofelia McKenzie FLES

Physical Education

Ms. Bobbie Pugh Physical Education
Mr. Michael Giusto Physical Education / .60


Mrs. Jennifer Brown Reading Specialist
Ms. Kendra Hackenberg Reading Specialist/ .50
Mrs. Kelly Bergeron Exemplary Project / .50 (on leave after April 21, 2017)
Miss Anne Duffy Long Term Sub – Exemplary Project (April 24-June 23, 2017)


Ms. Angela Torpy Math Coach


Ms. Sarah Zoller Art Teacher
Ms. Katherine Corke .60 Art Teacher


Ms. Abigail Talone .50 ESOL


Ms. Cora Rhodes Vocal Music
Mrs. Jessica Simonetti Vocal Music / .60
Mr. Randy Glasner Instrumental Music/ .5

Gifted Resource

Ms. Ryan Van Valen Gifted Resource


Dr. Mary Beth McCormac Counselor

Instructional Technology Coordinator



Ms. Christina Cuesta Public Health Nurse
Ms. Karina Vargas School Health Aide

Student Services Team

Mrs. Amy Davis Speech Therapist
Mrs. Jennifer Lambdin School Psychologist
Ms. Jean Waterbury Social Worker
Ms. Carlette Bryan Special Ed. Coordinator
Ms. Valerie Budney Physical Therapist
Ms. Christy Miles Occupational Therapist
Ms. Nadia Jamai Autism Specialist
Ms. Cristin Miller 504 Coordinator
Mr. Christian Nelson Deaf / Hard of Hearing Specialist

Office / Clerical

Mrs. Sharon Bash Administrative Assistant
Ms. Janet Embrey Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Nora Ellison Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Christine Schofield School-Based Substitute


Mrs. Hoa Tran Cafeteria Manager
Ms. Chi Kim Trinh Cafeteria Assistant
Ms. Lourdes Arias Lunchroom Attendant
Ms. Ashley Shivers, Substitute Lunchroom Attendant


Mrs. Dilma Reyes Head Custodian
Mrs. Ana Mendoza Night Custodian
Mr. Noe Corado Night Custodian
Mr. Rolando Posada Night Custodian III

Extended Day

Ms. Jennifer Dalley Extended Day Supervisor
Ms. Brielle Matthews Extended Day Assistant Supervisor