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Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year!

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At Nottingham, we believe it is important for learners to be positive and develop their own artistic growth mindset. Together, we will think our way to creative success!

2021-22 Art Show

Let’s Celebrate Nottingham Artists featured in the 2021-22 Art Show! You can also check out artwork by NTM artists highlighted on page 3 and continued on page 9 in the Arlington Connection Kid’s Edition

2021-22 Superintendent Dr. Duran Visit

Dr. Duran visited Nottingham in the beginning of the 2021-22 school year! We were thrilled that he stopped by the Art room where Ms. Zoller and her Zen Artists were working on Fall Leaves. He noticed how students were mixing and blending colors. We were excited to share our creative ideas and how we practice to see progress.

Dr. Duran watching student draw.

Dr. Duran watching students in art class

2020 STEAM Focused Abstract Maps + DASH by Fourth grade. Here’s a snapshot of students using Google Earth, creating Abstract Map artwork, coding with Blockly, and teaching DASH Robots how to draw.

Artist Reception 2020

Art Show 2020

Arlington Connection Cover 2019-20

The Arlington Connect cover showing a student oil pastel of a fox

Art Show 2019

Arlington Connection Cover 2018-19

Self portrait of student on the cover of Arlington Connections

Art Show 2018

Arlington Connection Children’s Edition 2017

Art Show 2017

Writers’ Night 2017:

Power of Words

Arlington Connection Cover 2017

Student sketchbook cover












Ms. Zoller

RT @ITCNTM: 5th graders are learning how to animate their own cartoons in art! We’ll get some inspiration from real cartoonists next week 🎨…
Published February 09, 22 5:18AM

Ms. Zoller

RT @MrsMeganLynch: A meeting at Syphax center is a great opportunity to check out Nottingham’s artists!!! Gorgeous work from our students.…
Published December 13, 21 5:54AM