Kindergarten Team

An overview of Kindergarten at Nottingham is below, or click here to learn more about the grade K teachers!

Nottingham kindergarten teachers design intriguing learning activities to encourage children to make new discoveries.

kindergartener writing
Incorporating LA into math with names.

Our classrooms are active places where instruction centers on thematic units that capitalize on children’s natural interests in seasonal and weather changes. As the school year begins, instruction focuses on being in a wonderful new school and cooperating with new friends in work and play. Harvest themes in the fall introduce fall changes in plants and animals and learning about farms. Winter themes explore space concepts and the relationship between the sun, earth, moon, and planets. Falling snow invites investigation of the water cycle. Spring brings an examination of wheels, transportation, and simple machines. We plant spring gardens and explore animal life cycles; children watch with fascination as tadpoles slowly turn into frogs. As summer nears, children begin to plan vacations, learn about the beach, and examine the properties of water. We then prepare to end our wonderful year together and to get ready for a brand new start when school begins once again.

The kindergarten program at Nottingham is based on the ABC (Arlington Balanced Curriculum) program written by Arlington early childhood professionals several years ago. It incorporates the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and the Arlington Public Schools (APS) Elementary Program of Studies.

  • The emphasis of our program is on balance: combining meaningful, real-life experiences, both inside and outside the classroom and school environment.
  • The children learn to apply new skills and concepts through a variety of thematic units that provide opportunities for inquiry, activity, thoughtfulness and reflection, experimentation, investigation, imagination, model-building, and reasoning.
  • Balance in our program involves all aspects of child development: social interactions, emotional growth, physical movement, and cognitive ability.
  • The number of Nottingham kindergartners who attended preschool is indeed increasing, yet all kindergartners continue to need developmentally appropriate learning experiences that are student-centered and focused on the process of doing rather than simply on the final product.
  • Balance enables Nottingham Kindergarten teachers the ability to differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of each individual student.

This program is based on goals that develop the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical growth for each child. We provide a safe and secure learning environment where children work both independently and cooperatively to enhance their curiosity through experimentation and discovery. We build a community of happy learners and inspire an enthusiasm for the joy of learning!

Activities move during the year from the concrete to the more abstract, and Nottingham Kindergarten teachers utilize a variety of instructional models: small teacher-led groups, one-on-one assistance, whole class introductions or review, and small groups of children working cooperatively with one another.

At Nottingham, students in kindergarten and first grade have shared personalized learning Apple iPads assigned to their classroom. Through this integration, and in conjunction with staff training as part of the APS Personalized Learning Program, there are many student benefits of personalized learning, such as:

– Students are challenged to think critically and use higher order level skills.
– Students are more engaged in learning when they are given more opportunities to take control of their learning.
– Teachers are able to offer immediate feedback so that students can make adjustments to their thinking and improve their work.
– Students are exploring more creative ways to solve problems, express their ideas, generate new learning and develop skills to work as part of a team in the classroom and virtually.

Grade K Teachers

Ms. Biechman
Twitter: @SeaTurtleTimes

Hello Nottingham Families! My name is Katie Biechman and this is my ninth year teaching Kindergarten here at Nottingham. I was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. I attended Christopher Newport University, where I earned my undergraduate degree and graduated from The George Washington University with Masters in Elementary Education. I live in Arlington with my husband and our new puppy. I enjoy going to the beach, playing tennis and cheering on Yorktown football. I am looking forward to another great year with the Sea Turtles!

Ms. Patricia Duran, Kindergarten Assistant,


Mrs. Barnett (Sub: Merrie Craig-Wood,
Twitter: @Barnetts_Bears

Hi Bear Families! My name is Lisa Barnett and I am thrilled to back for my fifth year in Kindergarten at Nottingham. My husband, two children, and two dogs live in Arlington. I am a former attorney and after having my own children decided to go into education. I worked for seven years at al local private preschool, and received my M.ED from Marymount’ University Professional Development School. I’m looking forward to a great year of discovery with your children.

Mrs. Fortin, Kindergarten Assistant,

Ms. Mary Beth King
Twitter: @MsKingsKinder

I am so excited to be joining the Nottingham team! I started in Fairfax County 4 years ago as a Reading Resource teacher. I then transitioned to teaching Kindergarten, which I loved for the past 3 years. I attended East Carolina University for my undergraduate degree and this past May I received my Master’s Degree from George Mason University, specializing in Math leadership. I grew up in New Jersey and enjoy going home during the summer to visit my family and go to the beach. In my free time I enjoy reading books, spending time with my brother and my niece, being in the sun, and shoe shopping! I already feel so welcomed at Nottingham and I look forward to meeting everybody in September!

Mrs. Schofield, Kindergarten Assistant,

Mrs. Laura Moore
Twitter: @MooreUKnow

Hello Mountain Goats! My name is Laura Moore and I am in my 7th year at Nottingham. I am originally from Colorado, where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Master of Arts in Teaching: Curriculum Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. I enjoy exploring the region with my family, doing art projects, and going to baseball games. I am looking forward to a great year with the Mountain Goats.

Ms. Carol Sheehan, Kindergarten Assistant,