Exemplary Project: Knights STEAMing Ahead

This year, Nottingham’s Exemplary Project is based on instruction that infuses science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. The project, Knight’s STEAMing Ahead, will touch all grades and be accessible to all learners.

Nottingham’s S.T.E.A.M. Coordinator, Becky Johnston, is working with classroom teachers to provide enriching, engaging lessons for units within the science curriculum and connect these concepts to real world experiences and careers. Parents will be given the opportunity to join each grade as the Knights showcase their learning at the end of the unit.

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STEAM Night 2018

On April 3rd, Nottingham held its first STEAM Night. Hundreds of Knights, family members and friends enjoyed an evening of hands-on activities throughout the school. The Children’s Science Center led students through fun, engaging science activities in the gym. Nottingham teachers were joined by experts in engineering fields to provide STEAM challenges in the cafeteria. Knights designed rockets and catapults, folded origami, created binary jewelry and much more! The Missile Defense Agency gave instructions on creating and launching balloon rockets. The library team held MakerSpace activities in ImagiLAB.  Students participated in hands-on building activities, such as a giant fort construction and creating things out of recycled materials.   The kindergarten students showcased their projects that they have been working on through Knights STEAMing Ahead. Not only did the students and their guests have a great time, but it was also evident that all teachers were having fun and enjoyed engaging with the learners in a unique STEAM opportunity!

Key Components to Our Knights STEAMing Ahead Initiative:

A group of educators attended the Buck Institute in October of 2017 to learn more about Project Based Learning. The exemplary project aims to expose students to Project Based Learning as a way to make the curriculum more meaningful and applicable to the students’ lives. Project Based Learning also allows for student choice which promotes differentiation in instruction.

A cohort of six staff members took an online class on Maker Centered Learning through Harvard in the fall of 2017. Maker Centered Learning encourages students to carefully examine all parts of systems all around us and be able to use these systems in unique ways to advance learning. Check out the Agency By Design website to see what it was all about!

In the library, Mrs. Koehler and Mrs. Gustafson work with students on Project Lead the Way lessons in creative, hands-on experiences.

Mrs. Johnston will be using some elements of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum as she plans science units for the Exemplary Project.

STEAM and Maker-Space Events/Activities

SMASH Contest (Entries due March 19)

Engineering Night at Wakefield High School (February 21st)

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