First Grade: Animals

In December and January, first grade Knights completed a study on animals using Project Based Learning.  Our first graders gained a deeper understanding of how humans and animals have basic needs and certain distinguishing characteristics.  Through hands-on lessons, students learned that animals require air, food, water, shelter, and space.  They looked at specific animal characteristics to fully understand how those characteristics help the animal survive.  From observing worms to testing bird feathers and beaks, our Knights began to brainstorm an animal species that does not exist, but if it did, what distinguishing characteristics it would have in order to survive. They then had the opportunity to build this animal in a Maker Space and write and record facts about it so others could learn information on their species. To present their final products, First Graders included their animals in a Nottingham Zoo for parents, students, and community members to visit.

Science: Investigating and understanding animal basic needs and characteristics through hands-on activities and nonfiction texts

Technology: Students recorded themselves explaining their creative species for others to listen to when visiting their zoo.

Engineering: The Engineering Design Process was used throughout the unit.  Our Knights used the Engineering Process (ask, imagine, plan, create, improve) to design their final product.

Arts: Through the Maker Space process, students drew their vision for a new species and then used recycled objects to make their vision come to life.

Math: Concepts such as measurement, time, number sense with counting were weaved throughout the unit.