Nottingham students at every grade level receive general music instruction.  In Arlington, music educators enhance instruction through various uses of technology, involvement in continuing education, and the pursuit of improved pedagogical methods. The rich and varied talents in our community are tapped through the visiting artists from the Humanities Project. Arlington Public Schools strives to educate all students to the highest level of musical skill and knowledge commensurate with talent and ability.

Music Grades

Music grades in kindergarten are completed after the 2nd and 4th grading quarters only.

B – Requires reminders
P – Progressing with confidence
M – Demonstrates mastery

Grades 1, 2
Music grades in first and second grade are completed every quarter and consist of the following:
P – Making expected progress
N – Not making expected progress

Grades 3, 4, 5
Students will earn two grades in music during each of the four grading periods. One grade will be for achievement and one grade will be for effort.

Music Achievement Grades

The purpose of the achievement grades is to let parents know where their child stands in relation to the music skills and content knowledge that has been presented in that grading period. A grading scale has been designed for achievement grades to reflect and communicate those skills and knowledge.

O= Outstanding – The student has demonstrated outstanding skills and
understanding in the general music. The student has been exposed
to learning standards and has gone beyond them.

S= Satisfactory – The student is developing skills and content understanding in the
general music and is at grade level.

U= Unsatisfactory – The student has been exposed to general music content materials
and is not showing understanding/skill development.

Music Effort Grades

The grading scale for effort in general music reflects a student’s behavior in class in addition to their cooperation, teamwork, and participation.

O = Outstanding
S = Satisfactory
U = Unsatisfactory