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Nottingham follows Arlington Public Schools Music Curriculum.  Through the music curriculum, students are actively engaged in activities which promote musical understanding. Early childhood education includes movement, creative play, singing, and instruments to introduce music concepts, such as steady beat, loud/soft, fast/slow, low/high and patterns.  Sound production is explored through rhythm instruments and pitch in introduced by barred instruments and bell chimes.

Middle and upper grade students build on the basic components of music (beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, etc.) through singing a variety of folk songs from the United States and around the world and playing rhythmic and melodic instruments (Orff) to accompany song material. In addition, music concepts are strengthened through games, activities, and manipulatives.  Students also dance and move to music in traditional and interpretative forms, improvise and compose music, and listen to music from various style periods and cultures.

Instrumental Music
Taught by Mr. Glasner, instrumental music is offered to fourth and fifth graders.  Mr. Glasner also directs the Nottingham Bands and Orchestras. All instruments must be owned or rented from a music store.

Vocal Music & Chorus
Every grade receives musical instruction, focusing on singing, playing instruments and movement.  Mrs. Simonetti and Ms. Rhodes, our vocal music teachers also direct the Nottingham Chorus, which will rehearse weekly before school.  Interested fourth and fifth graders may sign up for Chorus.  Knights sign a contract with the intent to attend all rehearsals and exhibit good behavior.  The Chorus gives at least two performances per year at school and may also perform in the community.  Each spring, Knights in fourth and fifth grades participate in the school musical.