Gifted Services

Nottingham has a full-time Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG).  Identification and eligibility of students for gifted services is a four step process that includes referral, screening identification, and re-evaluation.  A student may be considered for gifted services at any time during his or her school career in one or more of the following areas:

  • Specific academic aptitude English, Math, Science, Social Studies (K – 12)
  • Visual and/or Performing Arts aptitude (3 – 12)

Students must be enrolled in Arlington Public Schools to be considered for the eligibility process.  The total population is considered in the creation of a candidate pool.  Screening of the available test and assessment data occurs annually throughout the school year.

Gifted Referral Process

A student is referred to the gifted services eligibility process based on the following criteria:

  • A need for services beyond that provided by the regular instructional program
  • Available test information
  • Students products and performance done in school
  • Academic performance
  • Behavioral characteristics of Gifted students

A deadline for G/T referrals by parents, guardians, and community members is April 1st.  A referral form may be completed by a classroom teacher or other staff member, a parent/guardian, a community member or a student.

Student referrals are considered by a school-based committee composed of teachers including the referring teacher, the resource teacher for the gifted and principal or designee.  All relevant data is reviewed and the decision to identify a student for services or not is made by the committee.

In identifying students for Gifted Services, multiple criteria are are used including the following:

  • Observation of in-class behavior
  • Honors, awards
  • School-based performance data including products and test scores
  • Nationally-normed aptitude and or achievement assessments that includes the Naglieri taken by all second graders and the Cognitive Abilities test taken by all fourth graders
  • Teacher and parent information

Parent/Guardians are notified of the screen committee’s decision by letter.  For more information, visit the APS Gifted Services webpage.

Resource Teacher For the Gifted
Ms. Van Valen