1st quarter grade distribution November 2015

As the first quarter comes to a close, it is time to begin thinking about how we evaluate the growth of our students.  Please refer to the following code breakdown provided by the APS World Language Department regarding upcoming report cards.

Learning a second language is a developmental process influenced by varied language and experiential backgrounds and on readiness in developing language skills. Thus, the report should be interpreted as a description of a student’s advancement in a developmental language continuum. A range of proficiency levels within a classroom is expected. So, too, a student may make differing levels of progress within the skill areas. The following marks are used to indicate student’s progress, based on the functions targeted at his/her grade level: 


  • Kindergarten students will receive their report card during 2nd and 4thquarter only. The marking codes are the same as for all other subjects: M-P-B-N-NI
Marking Code for Kindergarten Progress Report
M- Meeting            Child consistently meets behavior or skillStudent independently demonstrates an understanding of the key concepts and skills
P- Progressing        Child is in the process of developing a behavior or skillStudent demonstrates or applies key skills, strategies, or concepts inconsistentlyStudent partially meets the standard
B- Beginning           Child is beginning to demonstrate a behavior or skillStudent is beginning to understand concepts and skills and requires teacher support complete these tasks.
N- Not Yet Child is not yet demonstrating behavior or skill
NI- Not Introduced   Skill has not been introduced.

 Grades 1-5: 

  • Marking Codes for EffortO=Outstanding, S=Satisfactory, U=Unsatisfactory
  • Marking Codes for Achievement:  M=Meeting, P=Progressing, B=Beginning
Marking Code for FLES Progress Report Grades 1-5
M- Meeting            Student consistently meets skills related to language competency at this level.Student independently demonstrates an understanding of the key functions and skills.
P- Progressing        Student is in the process of developing language competencies for this level.Student demonstrates or applies key vocabulary, structures and skills, inconsistently.Student partially meets the standard.
B- Beginning           Student is beginning to develop language competencies and skills for this level.Student is beginning to apply functions and skills and requires teacher support to complete tasks related to this level.

Please note, as this is the second year of FLES at Nottingham, many students will receive a B for Achievement this quarter.  This may be the case for all four quarters.

Srta. Chicas-Garcia, Sra. McKenzie y Srta. Morale