FLES 3-5

Mes de febrero

In keeping with the “Can do statements” from World Languages, during the first half of February, our third Grade Knights will review previously learned vocabulary associated with immediate and extended family members.  They will describe themselves or other family members in a written paragraph, with particular attention to the placement of adjectives.  During the second […]

Mes de enero

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! The next unit of study for our Knights in third through fifth grade is clothing and the seasons.  Students will review previously learned vocabulary on clothing, as well as expand on it.   In addition to learning and/or reviewing the vocabulary on clothing and the seasons, students will learn the conjugation of the […]

¡Bienvenidos al mes de diciembre!

During the first quarter, our Knights reviewed previously learned vocabulary and expanded on it by reading/writing sentences. During the month of December, our Knights will focus on writing sentences with the verb- “ir” (to go).  The sentences will describe where and when they go on any given day.  In addition, we will discuss Hispanic culture […]

Noticias de noviembre

We began the first quarter reviewing previously learned vocabulary. During the second quarter, our Knights will work on writing sentences and speaking skills. The thematic units for November include: family, Thanksgiving, school schedules, stating their ages and birthdays.

Noticias del Verano 2016

We have had a wonderful time listening, reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish. I encourage our students to keep practicing Spanish by using the Spanish links on the Nottingham FLES website. Begin by clicking on Programs. Then go to FLES. You will see Contents on the left hand side. The links can be found on […]

Noticias de abril 2016

Hola! ¿Cómo están? Our Knights continue to work very hard in Spanish class. For the month of April we will work on the following themes: For more information, check out the FLES page on the Nottingham website: http://apsva.us/domain/4587  and follow us on Twitter @EspanolNES Community news: Teatro de la Luna has many activities scheduled from now until […]

Noticias de marzo 2016

Hola! ¿Cómo están? Our Knights continue to work very hard in Spanish class. For the month of March we will work on the following themes: Pets Farm animals Zoo animals Rooms in the house Perro Gato Pájaro Pez Conejo Hámster Rana Vaca Caballo Oveja Gallina Pollito Pato Toro Gallo Cabra Tigre León Mono Elefante Tortuga […]

Noticias de febrero 2016

We welcome you back after our unscheduled second winter break. For the month of February we will work on the following themes: Emociones/ Feelings Trabajadores de la Comunidad/ Community Helpers Lugares en Nuestra Comunidad/ Places In Our Community Contento Sorprendido Enojado Emocionado Cansado Asustado Frustrado Triste Estresado Nervioso Enfermero/a Bombero Policía Panadero/a Piloto Mecánico Pintor […]