Dr. Murphy Visits Nottingham!

Dr. Murphy, Superintendent of Arlington Public Schools, personally stops by to congratulate the staff of Nottingham on this amazing honor! One more stop @NTMKnightsAPS to celebrate @VDOE_News award and welcome back team! Glad to see our team in schools @APSVirgini! pic.twitter.com/4UI4qyYdph — Patrick K. Murphy (@SuptPKM) August 25, 2017  

Edition 9: June 2017

Featuring writing from Nottingham’s second and third graders. Happy Reading, and have a wonderful summer!

Edition 8: May 2017

Featuring a variety of selections from our soon to graduate 5th graders! Enjoy!

May 22

Ninety years ago, on May 20, 1927, pilot Charles Lindbergh took off in the airplane call the Spirit of St. Louis and became the first person to fly over the Atlantic Ocean alone. In order to achieve this historic flight, Lindbergh had to be brave. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? What […]

Pirates! Choral Performance

The Nottingham Chorus recently set sail on a swashbuckling adventure musical, Pirates! by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson. The musical told the story of a stowaway hiding on a pirate ship bound for a choral music competition.  At first the stowaway is marked and sent to the brig, but when the beloved pirate king and star […]

May 15

A baby bunny has appeared in a basket on your doorstep.You soon discover it has one special,  magical ability. Write a story about this bunny. Once upon a time, in a land full of wizards and fairies, a fuzzy little baby bunny was born. Once he was old enough to go to school, he realized […]

May 8

Pretend that “Spring Fever” is a real illness. Make a list of symptoms that people with Spring Fever would have. Then create a treatment plan. If “Spring Fever” was a real illness, then the symptoms would be green fingers, small seizures, and a bit of a high temperature. Symptoms would also include maximum silliness and […]