May 1

Write a letter to someone who has never been to our elementary school before. This person lives in another country, and doesn’t know anything about Nottingham: What do you do here, in this building? What do you learn? What do you like / dislike? What do your teachers do? Why do you come to school? […]

April 24

I wish I could see ______ because ________ . “I wish I could see Legoland because it would be very fun. Also they have cool things like the hotels and roller coasters and games. I could ride on the roller coasters and play the games. And everything is made out of legos! It is very […]

1st Grade Knight Writer Book

The Grade 1 Knight Writer is hot off the press!  The Exemplary Project and the first grade team collaborated to create this book.  Students selected their favorite Dr. Seuss book, and penned a review in coordination with National Read Across America Day, also known as Dr. Seuss Day.  Our Knights used the skills they’ve been learning […]

March 27

Arlington County is currently running a Public Service Announcement Contest, asking students how we can make our air cleaner.  A public service announcement is a message to raise awareness and change behavior towards an issue.  The contest is posted on the Exemplary Project bulletin board if you’d like to enter.  So, for this week’s Writing […]

Kindergarten Knight Writer

The Kindergarten Knight Writer has arrived!  The Exemplary Project and the Kindergarten team collaborated to create this book.  Our book of stories is inspired by cold days, something we haven’t seen a lot of this winter!  Kindergartens thought of a fun, seasonal day, and tried to add details such as who was with them, where they were, […]

March 13

St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday. You can only eat green food on that day. Describe what a breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner would look like.  Remember, green drinks too! On St. Patrick’s Day for lunch I would maybe have a salad, with cucumber and celery.  Maybe I will have green apples for a side.  […]

February 27/March 6

We are celebrating National Read Across America Day, also known as Dr. Seuss Day on March 2nd.  If you could read with anyone in America, who would it be with, and why? Example: I would read with New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.  Tom Brady analyzes other football teams’ game plays, so I think he would […]

February 20

What do you think about students having to wear school uniforms? I think most kids would hate having a school uniform.  One, they could be icky.  Two, some kids don’t like tags and most school uniforms have tags.  Three, it would get boring wearing the same thing everyday. Written by Collin in Ms. Wine’s Experts.