Weekly Writing Quest

September 26

September 22nd was the first day of fall.  Make a list of five things you associate with fall. Weather.  I think that fall is the perfect weather. Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  We always set up a haunted house. Thanksgiving.  I love eating all the yummy food and I am very thankful. Family.  During […]

Writing Quest – May 16, 2016

If you could be a character in any book, TV show, or movie, who would you be and why? Selected Writing I would be Aladdin in the Disney movie. He can jump on a magic carpet and jet anywhere, anytime, with anyone, for free! Right now I would fly to somewhere without rain. Written by […]

Writing Quest – May 9, 2016

MAY 9 (1, 2, 5): What is the best part of Nottingham’s Mayfest Day? Selected Writing My favorite part of Mayfest is the cotton candy.  It melts in my mouth.  I love the food coloring in the cotton candy, the blue and pink look so good to eat.  Mayfest is the best! Written by Sydney […]

Writing Quest – May 2, 2016

Writing Quest The perfect place in the whole wide world is ___________ because … Selected Writing The perfect place in the whole entire world is Costa Rica.  The warm, fresh, yellow sand curves around my toes as I sprint into the cool, clear water.  In the distance, I see giant blue dolphins as I slowly […]

Writing Quest – April 25, 2016

We celebrate National Blueberry Pie day next week.  Yum!  Describe your favorite dessert, focusing on one sensory detail (sight, hear, taste, smell, touch). Model: The caramel peanut brittle crunches and crumbles in my mouth, creating a symphony of deliciousness. Selected Writing My favorite dessert is ice cream because the flavor is so soft and silky.  […]

Writing Quest – April 18, 2016

This quest comes from Kate K. in Ms. Matthews’s Mariners.  If you could create a brand new dream job for yourself, what would it be and why? Selected Writing I would like to be a Tesla designer.  A Tesla is a new type of car.  It runs on electricity.  It is special because it doesn’t […]

Writing Quest – April 11, 2016

This quest comes from Corbett T. in Ms. Allen’s Adventurers.  What is your dream field trip and why? Selected Writing My dream field trip would be to VIP World.  Everybody is special there, and your dreams come true.  You can even fly.  I love VIP World!  You can do everything there.  The end! Written by […]

Writing Quest – April 4, 2016

My favorite thing about spring is… Selected Writing My favorite things about spring are when the flowers bloom in your garden and you can see the beautiful view.  All the different colors in your lawn, the soft petals that could blow off in the breeze, that wonderful smell inside of it.  These are my favorite […]

Writing Quest – February 22, 2016

Submit your Writing Quest suggestions! Selected Writing If I could choose what the Writing Quest would be, I would ask, what is your dream field trip and why? Written by Corbett T., in Ms. Allen’s Adventurers.