Congratulations PTA Reflections Contest Honorees!

Congratulations to our Nottingham Reflections Contest Literature Honorees!  Save the date for Friday, December 2, for a breakfast reception from 8:15-8:45 am in the library where ALL the Reflections participants will be honored.  All artists, along with their families (including younger siblings!) are encouraged to attend!

Thank you to all the student participants and their families!

Please view the list of all winners here.


Intermediate Division

  • Outstanding Interpretation of the Theme–Evelyn Kaplowitz
  • Award of Excellence–Eric Chung, Elijah Na, Aida Young
  • Award of Merit–Ellie Price, Anya Jolly

Primary Division

  • Outstanding Interpretation of the Theme–Avaani Jolly
  • Award of Excellence–Avaani Jolly, Simon Kaplowitz, Kendal Price 
  • Award of Merit– Iñaki Alcorta, Mason Beggs, Sophia Ghosh