Digital Device Handbook for Families

APS recently released the 2017-2018 Digital Device Handbook for Families and we encourage you to read it and review it with your child.

iPads in the 1:1 Student-Issued Program (grades 2 – 5)

Students in Grade 2 at each school in the Arlington Public Schools are issued an APS-owned, APS-issued iPad device. As of Spring 2017, the currently-issued device is an Apple iPad Air 2. These devices are not used every minute of the day and they are used to supplement teacher instruction and personalized learning. Additionally, by policy, the devices are not used during:

  • Lunch, to encourage prosocial interaction
  • Recess, to promote free physical play and student interaction
  • Extended Day, to limit recreational “screen time,” unless specifically granted permission by the teacher and the family to use the device for an academic purpose in a supervised setting

These devices are learning tools to be used in the context of the APS Personalized Learning initiative. This is a county-level program not specific to Nottingham ES. Please visit the APS Personalized Learning website to learn more about this program.The iPads issued are purchased, owned, managed, and maintained by the APS Department of Information Services.