May 1

Write a letter to someone who has never been to our elementary school before. This person lives in another country, and doesn’t know anything about Nottingham:

  • What do you do here, in this building?

  • What do you learn?

  • What do you like / dislike?

  • What do your teachers do?

  • Why do you come to school?

  • What would you change?

Dear Toma Loom,

Nottingham Elementary School’s mascot is the people that fight in silver shining armor and there called knights. We have lots of fun events like spirit days. Spirit days are when we dress up in a certain way. Sometime even our older siblings that have a job or had one comes in to help our or see what we are learning.

We learn math in fun ways like playing games! We learn reading like a mini book club! We learn We learn writing by writing fabulous stories! And we even have contests that will really knock your socks off. And we also have this thing called the May fest where we have games, food, face painting, jumpy houses and much more. So go to Nottingham elementary.

Written by Siddarth G. in Mrs. Jensen’s Jolly Rogers