May 22

Ninety years ago, on May 20, 1927, pilot Charles Lindbergh took off in the airplane call the Spirit of St. Louis and became the first person to fly over the Atlantic Ocean alone. In order to achieve this historic flight, Lindbergh had to be brave. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? What attributes do you think made Charles Lindbergh brave enough to fly over the ocean alone?

The bravest thing I’ve ever done was learning to ice skate. I was getting on to the ice alone, so I grabbed the wall, thinking “I can’t do this!” But I realized I could do it!

I fell a couple of times, but now I’m great at ice skating! I think Charles Lindbergh is adventurous, curious, open-minded, and he’s independent, kind of like me! And anyone can do it if they try.

By Maddie T., in Ms. Zipfel’s Investigators