Nottingham’s Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Garratt

Meet Sarah Garratt – Nottingham’s Teacher of the Year

Kudos and Congratulations to Nottingham’s  2017 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Sarah Garratt!  She is in her fourth year of teaching here at NTM, and we appreciate the lens in which she views learning. She states, ”I have always been a special education teacher, and love learning how different all our minds work. I enjoy discovering the strengths of my students and how to gear lessons to make them successful. I learn so much from them! My students are truly the reason why I get up every morning and do what I do.”

Mrs. Garratt holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Special and Elementary Education.  An avid learner herself, Mrs. Garratt completed her Masters in Reading Education from the University of Virginia in 2015. Her love of learning has led her to attend Google Summits and become a Seesaw Ambassador to learn more about technology and how it can help all learners. Bravo, Mrs. Garratt!

from Principal Pelosky:

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.   -Japanese Proverb

Dear Parents/Guardians

It brings me great pleasure to announce Nottingham’s selection for our 2017 Teacher of the Year, Special Education Lead Teacher, Sarah Garrett! Our Teacher of the Year committee met and reviewed attributes of all our peer and parent/guardian generated nominees. Mrs. Garratt is a student of learning herself, having recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a Masters in Reading Education. Daily she can be found conversing with colleagues regarding best instructional strategies to reach Knights on her caseload. Her collaboration within the fourth-grade teachers in their Collaborative Learning Teams is a relative strength, as Mrs. Garratt consistently holds high standards for her learners measured with a dose of care and concern for their identified learning needs. Mrs. Garrett is a respected teacher/leader here at Nottingham, serving as the lead Special Education teacher and a conduit for colleagues for resources to meet struggling learners’ needs.