Meet Our Support Employee of the Year!

Dilma Reyes – Nottingham’s Support Employee of the Year

Congratulations are in order to Building Supervisor Mrs. Dilma Reyes on her recent selection as Nottingham’s 2017-18 Support Employee of the Year! Mrs. Reyes has worked at Nottingham for 10+ years. Her APS career began with her serving as a Custodian III, working the night shift and ensuring that Nottingham was secured and armed each evening. For the past 7+ years, she has served as Nottingham’s Building Supervisor; along with the change in job title came a significant change in responsibility as she has supervised 3-4 custodians during this time.

One doesn’t need to look hard to see Mrs. Reyes’ impact on Nottingham’s interior and exterior appearance. Her work ethic and attention to detail are unparalleled as evident by Nottingham’s consistent high marks on APS quality control reports! In fact, Mrs. Reyes’ team’s work serves as a model for the county as Nottingham was a site where Building Supervisors from across APS visited our campus to observe Nottingham and its appearance. Mrs. Reyes demonstrates effective leadership skills as Nottingham’s scores have remained high even with changes on her team. Almost all staff members would agree that we have never seen Mrs. Reyes sit down. In addition, Mrs. Reyes stops what she is doing to answer a call on her radio or assist any Knight, child or adult who needs her help. We love that Mrs. Reyes and her team work hard to ensure that NTM is a beautiful welcoming, clean place to learn!