Mes de enero

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

The next unit of study for our Knights in third through fifth grade is clothing and the seasons.  Students will review previously learned vocabulary on clothing, as well as expand on it.   In addition to learning and/or reviewing the vocabulary on clothing and the seasons, students will learn the conjugation of the verb to wear (“llevar”) and apply it in written and oral sentences.  Fourth and fifth grade students will be expected to write complex sentences using several variations of the verb “llevar”, with transition words (“también”, “además”, “finalmente”, … etc.) in paragraph form.  Please see our links in the FLES Blog under the Nottingham web page to reinforce language learning in the home.

Key Vocabulary: Artículos de ropa, verbo llevar ( Yo llevo, tú llevas, él/ella lleva, nosotros llevamos, vosotros llevaís, ellos/ellas llevan), las estaciones del año.