Mes de febrero

In keeping with the “Can do statements” from World Languages, during the first half of February, our third Grade Knights will review previously learned vocabulary associated with immediate and extended family members.  They will describe themselves or other family members in a written paragraph, with particular attention to the placement of adjectives.  During the second half of the month, we’ll transition to the unit on animals and their description using two attributes.

Our Knights in fourth and fifth grades will use the vocabulary of the family and add on the possessive adjectives (mi(s), tu(s), and su(s)) to describe what their family members do as a profession.  The fourth grade Knights will also read about families in three South American countries and correctly answer 3-5 questions. The fifth grade Knights will read about professions and correctly answer 3-5 questions.  In the second half of the month, the focus for both will be to extend their writing skills by asking them to talk and write about when and how to get to different places, as well as understand and give directions to places around town.