Noticias del Verano 2016

We have had a wonderful time listening, reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish. I encourage our students to keep practicing Spanish by using the Spanish links on the Nottingham FLES website.

Begin by clicking on Programs. Then go to FLES.

You will see Contents on the left hand side.

The links can be found on the bottom of the column.

You can also go to and play songs that we sang in the classroom. A few of the titles include:

  • La cancion del alfabeto infantil,
  • Bartolito
  • La gallina turuleca
  • El pollito pio
  • La cancion de los animales
  • Los dias de la semana
  • El mono silabo
  • Los elefantes
  • La cancion de la casa
  • ¿Como te llamas?
  • Colores Colores
  • La historia de los tres cerditos
  • Moviendo el cuerpo (nido)
  • Cabeza, hombro, rodillas y pies

Have a great summer!