Nicole Gustafson, 2017 Teacher of the Year

Nottingham’s selection for our 2017 Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Nicole Gustafson, Nottingham’s librarian.

Nicole Gustafson reading to her dog.To us, her colleagues here at Nottingham, she embodies the highest ideals of being a cherished educator: a love of children, a passion for her Library Media Services content and a challenging, creative approach to instilling a love for reading in our Knights.  Mrs. Gustafson is a respected teacher/leader here at Nottingham.

What stood out in the discussion regarding Mrs. Gustafson’s nomination were her outstanding leadership qualities.  She is a leader, not only in her duties as our School Librarian, but in her role as the Chair of the Climate Committee. Most recently, Mrs. Gustafson agreed to serve as one of two lead teachers for Nottingham’s Project Lead the Way’s Makerspace and Science Engineering curriculum.