Nottingham’s Halloween Parade Tips

Hi All,

We’ve had a number of questions regarding Halloween, the parade and what the expectations are. The primary goal is to have FUN! We want our kids to show off their costumes, laugh and play with friends and have a great time all afternoon. We see this as a great community building opportunity. To make sure this happens, please use these Helpful Halloween Hints as you prepare for the day.

The schedule:2:00-2:15: Students prepare for parade; parents line up outside door 10 and along sidewalk to cheer our students along

2:15-2:45ish: Halloween Parade around the block with the Yorktown Drumline leading us

2:45ish: Halloween Parties in the classroom (remember, we are food free)

3:41: Regular dismissal. (Please make sure Extended Day knows if you are taking your child home)

Obvious No-Nos

  • Masks that would scare anyone (please use your best judgement)
  • Full-face make-up that makes it difficult to recognize someone
  • Actual weapons

You may, however..

  • Wear costumes to school
  • Use your masks and costume props during the parade only

Remember, our goal for the day is to have a great time.  If you would rather your child not participate, please let us know. See you Wednesday for the parade.