Principal’s Notes from Nottingham – Sept 13th

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

It’s been a busy start to our second week of school here at Nottingham!  This morning I facilitated a Data Team meeting with Mr. Koutsouftikis and a small group of our teacher leaders as we assist teachers in best practices to reach their learners’ needs. It’s exciting to join in on the very necessary, first six weeks of school activities, including, briefly joining our chorus for their warm up exercises, completing a read aloud with the Sea Turtle classroom, signing Class Constitutions, and reviewing student Hopes and Dreams.

Teachers are working hard to cultivate personal relationships with their students as they establish both learning and behavioral expectations. Back to School Night Mr. Koutsouftikis and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night, September 14, for our annual Back to School Night!  Our goal is to provide an informative, enjoyable evening designed to have you meet your child’s teacher, view their learning space, hear more about our Responsive Classroom work and learn more about your child’s instructional day. By now you should have received information from your child’s teacher.

Additional information regarding the evening schedule is listed below:
Parents /guardians are asked to head to their child’s classroom for our evening to begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Beginning at 7:15 p.m., our Specialists (Art, FLES Staff, Music, PE, Gifted and ESOL) will join our Special Education staff in the library for the first Informational Classroom Session.  Specialists and SPED Staff will be available to meet with parents/guardians in their instructional spaces for the second session. The evening will proceed as follows:

  • 7:00 – 7:15      Parents/Guardians in First Session Classroom for Admin. / PTA Greetings
  • 7:15 – 7:35      First Informational Classroom Session
  • 7:35 – 7:40      Travel to Second Session (For families with siblings)
  • 7:40 – 8:00      Second Informational Session
  • 8:00 – 8:05      Travel Time to MPR
  • 8:05 – 8:30      PTA Meeting in NTM’s Multi-Purpose Room / Cafeteria (Please attend so that the group will reach a quorum.)

Parent Teacher Conference Information:
Mr. Koutsouftikis and I want to remind you that our county wide Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for full days on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7. You will be receiving your appointment time from your child’s teacher in the next few weeks. As we continue our Responsive Classroom work and focus on the education of the whole child, our instructional staff looks forward to hearing from you. Conversations will center on your thoughts regarding your child’s sentiments about his/her first few weeks at Nottingham, what’s going well in school and what you feel are their areas of needed growth, i.e., where they need a “nudge.” Attendance Record Keeping Thank you for your efforts to ensure that your child has an on time arrival to school. Should your child need to be out of school or come to school late due to an appointment, please address your communication regarding student attendance to both your child’s classroom teacher and Ms. Embrey in the main office at: She can also be reached at 703-228-8326. Student Safety Ensuring that our Knights get home safely is a mainstay of our message as we establish routines for the coming year.  If your children’s normal plans for getting home change, please write a note to the classroom teacher. If your children normally go to Extended Day after school and those plans change, please make sure you write two notes.

One for the classroom teacher and the other for Ms. Dalley and the Extended Day staff. Bike Riding Etiquette At Nottingham, we are proud of our Knights and their efforts to fully participate in our active learning community. We appreciate that many Knights and even some parents/guardians bike to school. Mr. Koutsouftikis and I are hopeful that, if your child rides his/her bike or a scooter to school, you will have a conversation with them about Bike Etiquette and expected Rules of The Road. These include, but are not limited to: ·                  Not riding aggressively ·                  Getting off of a bike and walking it if the sidewalks are crowded with walkers ·                  Using a voice along with a bell to signal that you are passing a pedestrian Thank you for helping us send a clear, concise message to keep all learners safe as they walk to and from school. National Hispanic Heritage Month:  September 15 – October 15, 2016: Honoring our Heritage, Building our Future Please join FLES Spanish  teachers Ms. Gibbons and Ms. McKenzie in taking advantage of some of the local family activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage:  Calendar | Heritage Month Events | Smithsonian.

Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education.

Mary Beth Pelosky

@NTMPrincipal  @NTMKnightsAPS