Principal’s Notes from Nottingham – September 13, 2017

The path you are on is the fabric of imagination, but it is kindled with the fires of hopes and dreams…
-Michael Delaware

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Many thanks for your efforts to assist us in helping your child develop and stick to routines that include a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and on time arrival to school. Our staff has been hard at work preparing for this evening’s Back to School Night event. We hope to see you here at 7:00 pm. Please report to your child’s classroom.

A few beginning of school reminders…. Arrival: Thank you to those of you who have been giving your final hugs and goodbyes outside of the building. Parents/ guardians are welcome to sign their child in and walk them to class, but please exit the building after doing so. Please note you will be asked to sign in and receive a sticker identifying you as a brief visitor. As we work collaboratively to ensure that Nottingham is a welcoming, safe space to learn, consider that not all children or adults are comfortable around dogs. Please adhere to our signage as dogs should not be on school property during arrival and dismissal. Thank you for finding a meeting spot for you to wait for your child just outside of our school grounds. We appreciate adherences to our signage regarding parking as well as parents/ guardians arranging to pick up their children up in an area that does not block the flow of pedestrian traffic (i.e. bottom of the ramp). We understand the need that some parents/guardians desire for their older children to have cell phones. Please note that your child will be held responsible and they must be kept in backpack in off mode. Knights have access to a telephone if a need should arise during the instructional day.

Student Services:

Dr. McCormac and members of our Student Services staff are an integral piece of our efforts to educate the whole child. We’re proud of their collaborative good work on behalf of our Knights! For those of you new to the Nottingham Community of Learners, I wanted to share this video clip honoring her selection as the VA Elementary Counselor of the Year, our very own, Dr. McCormac. You can view the video here:

Parents/ Guardians of Knights in Grade 2-5

As our second week of school gets underway I wanted to bring to your attention information regarding the district initiative for Personalized Learning in APS. As you may be aware, Knights in grade 2 will be issued an APS-owned Apple iPad Air 2. This device will not be sent home and the classroom teacher will assume responsibility for the device. Families of Knights in Grades 3-5 are likely already aware that their child will be issued their personalized learning iPad next week. Mr. Ron Crouse, our ITC (Instructional Technology Coordinator) extraordinaire, will be joining classroom teachers to set-up the devices with your child. Together with their teachers, Knights will establish technology rules and guidelines and review iPad expectations.It is anticipated that the devices will be sent home each day with the student and it will be infused as a learning tool into regular instruction here at Nottingham. Knights at these grade levels will be given an opportunity to take the device home, with the expectation being that the learner be responsible to bring it to school each day, fully charged for an optimal classroom learning experience. Parents/Guardians who wish to opt-out of this should speak with their child’s classroom teacher.

Core classroom teachers will briefly touch upon this initiative at tonight’s Back to School Night. For your convenience, here is the link for reviewing the iPad Policies at Nottingham as well as the Acceptable Use Agreement for Students and Families of Students w/ APS-Issued Student Apple iPads – Your child’s classroom teacher will be asking you to review this form, sign it and return. Our Knights will sign and acknowledge both the form referenced above and will review the Acceptable Use of Electronic Networked Resources & Internet Safety expectations. Continued digital citizenship instruction will be ongoing throughout the academic year. Common Sense Media and other sources are used within the Arlington Public Schools for the purpose of providing a structured learning environment for digital literacy, safety and citizenship.

SCA Classroom Representative Election Information: Parents/ Guardians of Knights in Grades 3-5:
Wednesday, September 20 through Friday, September 22.

The 2017-2018 Nottingham Student Council (SCA) Classroom Representative election will take place Wednesday, September 20 through Friday, September 22. A letter and permission slip will be sent home in Friday Folders. If your child is interested in participating in the election, please complete the form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher by Wednesday, September 20. Candidates must write a short speech, telling their classmates why they should be elected their class representative. Letters will go home on September 25 to those Knights who were elected, congratulating them on their being selected as a Classroom Representative.The first meeting is scheduled for October 4. Each class will elect two representatives to the SCA. All meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, from 8-8:40 a.m. in the library.

Duties for the SCA representatives include: * Communicate ideas/input from student body to Student Council and vice versa. *Give monthly reports to their classroom and to K-2 classrooms as assigned.*Participate and propose ideas for Spirit Days, service projects, and represent peers. Questions regarding Student Council Association elections should be directed to Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Zipfel, SCA co-sponsors.

Social Studies

A friendly reminder that the Commonwealth of Virginia has mandated changes to the APS Social Studies Curriculum. Social Studies Curriculum changes. .

Virginia Tech Maker Festival – STEM Event

If your child enjoys Makerpsace or STEAM activities, here is a fun, local opportunity for them.:

APS Calendar:

Please see the following link for our county calendar:


Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education.

Mary Beth Pelosky, Principal
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