The SCA Jar Wars Campaign 2017

Jar Wars!

Congratulations Knights! Your generosity raised over $500 in Jar Wars!

“From April 24th to April 28th, members of our Nottingham SCA encouraged all Knights to look for spare change in order to join in our annual Jar Wars event. This year, the SCA will be purchasing recorders and music supplies (along with a donation) for students in the Sneha Care Home and Shining Star School in Bangalore, India.

When sharing the brief presentation with our SCA members, I asked them to think about the question:  What do we have in common with our friends across the globe?  I noted that both schools have students who speak more than one language and come from different cultures and practice many religions. In addition, they have a Champion in Me 5K Run and we have Discovery NTM Fun Friendship Run; both schools have School Beautification projects.

Jars, labeled with each grade, will be in front of the main office.  Before and after school, Knights should place their coins in the jars of their choosing.  Pennies count positively for the grade and silver coins take away from the total. Our Student Council representatives told students to be sure to “ask their parents/guardians” before bringing in any money.”

by Mary Beth Pelosky, Nottingham Principal