Testing Information w/Student iPads and Summer Device Information for Parents

① SOL Testing with Student iPads – Grades 3-5

The SOL testing window at Nottingham will begin on Monday, May 14th. This year, all students in grades 3-5 will be administered their required SOL tests on their APS 1:1 issued Apple iPad. Research shows that elementary students test very well on iPads as they can manipulate the device in a manner and distance that is best for them. In the event of any equipment failure or needed student accommodation, laptops can be used for testing.

All students in grades 3-5 are to bring their iPad charging block and charging cable to school on Thursday, 5/10. From May 10th through the end of the testing window on June 15th, all student iPads will remain at school and charged overnight in their respective homeroom classroom.

Teachers and your school’s instructional technology coordinator, Mr. Crouse, will ensure that the iPads are compliant and properly prepared for SOL testing. When an SOL test is in progress, the iPad enters a mode known as ‘kiosk’ where the student can only use the testing application – that is, the device is disabled from accessing any other application, website or web content.

② Important Summer iPad Device Information for Parents

– Current grade two (2) students – Student iPads for grade two will be collected on Thursday, June 14th. Second grade iPads will be stored at Nottingham over the summer under custody of the school’s instructional technology coordinator.

– Current grade three (3) and four (4) students – After SOL testing and to best facilitate continued personalized digital learning opportunities, student iPads (and their charging accessories) for all third and fourth grade students will be returned to your child to go home for the duration of the summer. While the student devices are at home, the continued protection of the content filters and VPN service will remain in full-force, as well as full compliance of the APS Acceptable Use Policy. As with any technology at home, it is understood that parents can restrict or remove the technology from student use as they deem appropriate in their household. Should you desire to personally opt out your child from the take home program for the summer, please click the following link: http://bit.ly/ipadoptout

– Current grade five (5) students – As our current fifth grade students have the oldest devices, APS has made a decision to recycle these iPads. As a result, all current fifth grade student iPads will be collected and erased on June 12th. As a rising sixth grade student, your child will be issued a new APS personalized learning device at the start of middle school.