Volunteers Encouraged and Appreciated

Ms. Mary Beth PelosiThank you for your interest and commitment to the well being of the Nottingham learning community. A parent/guardian’s love and involvement in their child’s education is the best kind of investment: invaluable. Children love to see their parents/guardians at school. It clearly illustrates for them the importance of the home/school connection.

Please consider joining forces with the instructional staff here at Nottingham by volunteering. Depending on your interest level or skill set, you can assist in the classroom, agree to chaperone a field trip, be a room parent, work alongside the librarian, participate in a teacher luncheon, chair Teacher Appreciation week, or volunteer on one of the many NES PTA committees. If you are new to the NES PTA, this is a great way to display your Nottingham pride!

Many thanks to those of you who continue to serve our Nottingham community. With your many hours of volunteer service here, you afford teachers an opportunity to provide an even richer educational experience for your child. You make a difference.

Mary Beth Pelosky, Principal