Writers’ Night was a Great Success!

From Exemplary Project Coordinator Kelly Bergeron:

“Nottingham Elementary School’s annual Writers’ Night was a tremendous success.  Students took great pride sharing their writing portfolios.  Teachers also highlighted special pieces via audio recordings, iMovies, and read-alouds.  A special thanks to Connie Skelton for joining our memorable evening.  Writers’ Night marks a special date on our Knights’ calendar.  It’s truly wonderful to witness our students tugging their parents’ hands and waving to friends skipping towards their classrooms.  #Knightsrock”

Art Teacher Sarah Zoller

What are your personal beliefs?“This year’s Writers’ Night theme was The Power of Words, inspired by Conceptual artist, Barbara Kruger. In conceptual art, the idea or concept is the most important part. Kruger marries smart word choice with clever pictures to make a big impact. The fifth grade was inspired by Barbara Kruger to create self-portraits that are more than about their appearance; they showed who they are, their beliefs, and values.

This year's theme is inspired by Barbara KrugerThis personalized digital learning lesson utilized Google Classroom, iPad camera, and Pic Collage app to import photos and layer text to express personal ideas, images, and themes. In addition this lesson provided students with creative, relevant, and engaging experiences that promote the whole child framework. It also tied-in the connection between visual and language arts.”