Standards-Based Assessment

What is Standards-Based Instruction?

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Virginia Standards of Learning

The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) are extensive documents describing what skills teachers are expected to ensure students have acquired at each grade level. SOLs are established by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education and include accompanying curriculum frameworks, instructional examples and resources for professional educators (“scopes and sequences”), and associated materials for school leaders, instructional coaches, and student support personnel.

All of the SOLs for each grade level are taught to all students at that grade level every year.

Because many of the SOLs are embedded throughout the curriculum and school year, and many are so granular that they can be overwhelming to read, the Arlington Public Schools Department of Teaching and Learning selects a core group of the most salient SOLs to include in quarterly Standards-Based Progress Reports. Again, all students are instructed in all SOLs and their related skills, and all students’ skill mastery and achievement is evaluated and monitored throughout the year using a broad constellation of diagnostic methods.

Families will see the core Reporting Standards, selected by the Arlington Public Schools Department of Teaching and Learning, on each quarterly Standards-Based Progress Report. To assist in ensuring families know what to expect on each quarterly report, the APS Reporting Standards are described on these pages.

If you have questions about the APS Reporting Standards and how they are selected, please contact the APS Department of Teaching and Learning.