Special Education & Student Services

In accordance with Arlington Public Schools policies, Nottingham provides a continuum of services for students with disabilities, preschool through high school, found eligible to receive special education services. Identifying a student as eligible for special education services is a carefully managed process guided by State and Federal regulations, as well as APS Special Education policies and procedures (25 4.4). Evaluations required to make this determination are completed only with parent/guardian permission.

All Nottingham special education teachers are listed on the classroom grade level pages.

Support Services Personnel is listed below:

  • Valerie Budney, Physical Therapist, valerie.budney@apsva.us
  • Elizabeth McKenzie, Speech Therapist, elizabeth.mckenzie@apsva.us
  • Laura Depatch, Autism Specialist, laura.depatch@apsva.us
  • Christian Nelson, Deaf/HofH Specialist, christian.nelson@apsva.us
  • Lilyan Williams, Occupational Therapist, lilyan.williams@apsva.us
  • Maggie Dassira, School Psychologist, margaret.dassira@apsva.us
  • Maggie Ryan, Social Worker, elizabeth.ryan@apsva.us