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What is Personalized Learning?


The educational technology program at Nottingham employs every tool, environment, and technique available to empower every individual child to learn and live in the way that’s best for them.


The educational technology program at Nottingham employs state-of-the art technology in effective, appropriate ways to personalize learning for each child; to amplify their voices and empower them with choices; and to empower them to meaningfully and safely collaborate, communicate, critically think, and create.

About Our Program

Technology is anything that mediates the learner and the environment. Consequently, any resource that plays a role in enhancing, improving, or personalizing learning is educational technology.In the world of education, such technology plays a unique role in an agile, collaborative, engaged classroom. It provides opportunities for learning that would not be possible in a traditional, technology-less classroom. When technology is effectively integrated into the learning experience, students are better able to collaborate, research, problem solve, and create.Educational technology enhances learning, and an educational technologist’s role is to coach, collaborate with, and directly support teachers in enhancing their craft as pedagogues, professionals, and designers of meaningful learning experiences.At Nottingham Elementary, educational technology is woven into the fabric of the learning experience, for both the learner and the educator. We do not approach technology as a curiosity, but rather as an essential element providing deeper learning opportunities. As a community of digital educators, each of us is an expert contributing our own experiences. The Instructional Technology Coordinator at Nottingham Elementary School is Ron Crouse who can be reached at



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