School Counselors

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Mr. Mark Jones (Full-time)


I am the full-time school counselor at Nottingham. I have lived in Arlington with my wife for over 30 years and we raised our children here. I am an avid walker, bicyclist, tennis player and vegetable gardener. I was a trial lawyer for many years before deciding to change careers and enroll in graduate school for school counseling. My undergraduate degree is from Connecticut College and I attended George Washington University for my masters in school counseling.  I believe that the quality of our relationships with children is usually the best predictor of how well we help them. I am solution focused, meaning that listening with empathy to children is the foundation of my counseling. I help them focus on where they want to go more than where they have already been. We spend more time talking of potential solutions rather than previous problems. We talk about personal strengths and finding positive exceptions to their problems, then expanding on those strengths and exceptions.

Ms. Bisbee (Tuesdays)

Ms. Bisbee is a part-time school counselor at Nottingham on Tuesdays. She earned her M.Ed. and C.A.G.S. (masters plus 30) in School Counseling at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2000. Ms. Bisbee was the full-time counselor at Barcroft for 5 years and Glebe for 3 years. Since becoming a mom, she has been a part-time counselor at Nottingham, Carlin Springs, and Barrett schools. Ms. Bisbee has presented at national and state school counseling conferences and is a published author. She lives in Arlington with her husband, young son, mother-in-law, and pets. Ms. Bisbee works at Nottingham on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 4:00. Due to her itinerant schedule, she prefers to be contacted initially by email at and she will respond in a timely manner.

Nottingham Elementary School Counseling Program


Privacy and confidentiality are essential to having an effective school counseling program. Nottingham recognizes the importance of good communication and good working relationships between students, parents, and the school. Therefore, every effort will be made to protect student and parent privacy rights except under certain limited conditions. These conditions generally included safety issues (harm to self and/others), legal issues, and professional responsibilities (see the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors at




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